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What happened to Kelly Wilson?

A flat tire, a rumored ‘hot-tempered’ boyfriend, and a lead investigator who became one of several arrested amid whispers of occult practice.


This past Wednesday marked the 30th anniversary of a mystery that still haunts one East Texas town.

On February 5, 1992, after 8:30 p.m., a video store was closing up for the night from a strip mall in downtown Gilmer (an east Texas town that had a population of less…


A confused exchange student looking for a party went to the wrong house.

Photo by Atul Vinayak on Unsplash

Two teenagers looking for a Halloween party one night decades ago accidentally find the wrong house and meet with deadly consequences. What followed next is as tragically relevant now as it was at the time.

In a neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, on October 17, 1992, Bonnie Peairs and her…

Space Oddities | Rare Vehicles

The Space Rock and a Car

Photography by Attila Adam

Many a space rock have made their marks throughout history, both literally and metaphorically. Just a month from today actually would mark 28 years since a particular hunk of rock not from this world had made such a lasting impression.

Today, I’m talking about the Peekskill meteorite of 1992.

The Descent


Case Closed | Killer Kids

The case of a Washington teenager killed by his pre-teen “pals.”

Craig Sorger. Public Domain.

“With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Indeed, sometimes in life, the people we consider our best buddies could wind up being our worst enemies.

That’s one harsh lesson the family of a Washington teenager tragically and needlessly found out the hard way nearly two decades ago.

Craig Sorger was…

Murder Mysteries | Unidentified Killers

The Unsolved Murder of Chaim Weiss

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

Thirty-five years. That’s how long one New York father has been waiting for answers behind the death of his teenage son whose life was brutally stolen while he slept, with the perpetrator behind the seemingly senseless tragedy still as nameless as their motive is unknown.

Chaim Weiss was born in…

Several details that stand out to me:

1) Daniel left the site in the middle of work without telling anyone.

2) His phone could not be pinged for reasons also unclear.

3) The state in which his vehicle was discovered, with only his belongings still with it.

4) The black box to his Jeep indicating he had somehow crashed his Jeep, tried restarting it over 40 times before finally getting it to start again only to crash it again 11 miles later.

This is a brain scratcher for sure. Thank you for sharing it, Jennifer!

Nicole Henley

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